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Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2001

1. The meeting commenced at 5:30 pm at AAL Headquarters. Attending were Bill Harke, Rick Sawotka, Ray Durkee, Nancy Johnshoy, Jerry Otteson, Bill Hale, Lisa Weiner, Donna Kidder, Chuck Lewis, Harry Spiegelberg, Jeff Knezel, and Eric Paulsen, District WCS Chair (by telephone).

2. The purpose of this meeting was limited to discussion of the future scope of this Project. Jeff Knezel outlined factors affecting the continuation of the Project. Factors mentioned were the political and economic instability in Zimbabwe and Malawi, shortage of matching grant funding from RI Foundation, competition for District funding of WCS projects, and the need for developing new leadership for the project.

3. Eric Paulsen stated that both he and the District remain supportive of the project. However, he noted the difficulty in maintaining enthusiasm about the project in clubs outside of Appleton, because most clubs did not have any active involvement. Eric was enthusiastic about the possibility of SAMP sending medical supplies to Russia as part of the District "To Russia With Love" initiative. Eric suggested and will schedule a meeting with the present DG and DG elects to discuss the project's needs and ideas for greater involvement by other clubs in the District.

4. Other ideas developed at the meeting included:

a.Continue the recent practice of sending supplies to needy locations other than southern Africa

b.Meet with Downtown Appleton WCS Committee to discuss partnering opportunities

c.Search for other non-Rotarian partners that would provide funding sources

d.Re-invigorate the project through activities such as promotional drives for blankets, toys, etc.

e.Investigate expansion to other Districts

f.Invite other clubs in District to identify a specific country/city to which one-time shipments of supplies would be made with each club being involved in collection and possibly packing supplies.

g.Develop a succession plan for new leadership to emerge (segregate administrative responsibilities to lessen the time commitment)

5. Jeff Knezel will follow up on items 3, 4b, and 4c and report at the next meeting. The next meeting will be Monday, January 14, 2002 at the Appleton Public Library.

6. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Knezel, Co-chairperson

The Sharing Around (the World) Medical Project (SAMP) is a recycling program for the salvage of reusable medical equipment, blankets and supplies. These materials are being collected by Rotary District 6220 in northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, and shipped to countries throughout the world where there is need. This effort is designed to support the Rotary World Community Service mission in impoverished countries.

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