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Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2003

The meeting commenced at 5:30 pm at the Appleton Public Library lower level meeting room.  Attending were Donna Kidder, Todd Trueblood, Ram Shet, Don Sturtevant, Jerry Otteson, Dick Calder, Carol Busey, Barbara Kelly, Ed Shannon, Chuck Lewis and Ray Durkee.

The minutes of the March 12th meeting were approved unanimously.

A shipment of boxes for Chinandega, Nicaragua was taken to Stevens Point on April 5ht. We were asked for a donation of $10 per Gaylord to help cover the shipping costs. The total of $400 we contributed was far less than most of our shipments cost. Jim Belling did most of the legwork and took care of the details. Grabel Moving donated the truck and driver. Outstanding pictures and followup details on the shipment have been promised. Thanks to all involved.

We’d like to have more photos taken of local Rotarians packing medical supplies for promotion and PR purposes.

The recent shipment to Dr. Stoughton has arrived at his clinic. We will try to send another in May. Goodwill will donate 2 gaylords of childrens clothing and one of stuffed animals for us to send to Mrs. Stoughton’s orphanage. Terry frost of Goodwill has facilitated our access to much reduced shipping costs and his help is greatly appreciated. Shawano will be sending a "full contingent" to our next packing session, and will also be having a drive for books, toys and clothing for the orphanage.

Bruce Thomas from Shawano hospital has been sending at least one skidload a month of supplies for us to pack.

We would like to have a special packing session on a Saturday to catch up with our excess inventory and to possibly attract new people to try packing. That will be scheduled for May 10th, from 8 to 11 AM. We will still do both normal Tuesday evening packings in April and May.

Carol has spoken with Eric Paulsen, and they agreed that shipments should be discouraged from Rhinelander for the Russian project, and that group should be encouraged to work through us. The biggest cost with a shipment to Russia is the cost of the container, which is not returned. There is money in the district budget for this purpose, and the Rhinelander group should be encouraged to apply for it.

Carole will send Dr. Stoughton’s Lenten newsletter to Barb to distribute to the entire group.

It was agreed that an update on SAMP activities should be sent out to all of the incoming club presidents for 2003-04.

Meeting adjourned at 6:12 PM.

Next meeting will be Tuesday May 20, 2003 at 5:30 PM at the Appleton Public Library, lower level meeting room.

The Sharing Around (the World) Medical Project (SAMP) is a recycling program for the salvage of reusable medical equipment, blankets and supplies. These materials are being collected by Rotary District 6220 in northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, and shipped to countries throughout the world where there is need. This effort is designed to support the Rotary World Community Service mission in impoverished countries.

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