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Presenters of the finest live professional folk music in central Wisconsin!
We host monthly concerts in Mt. Morris.

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Please see our special announcements below!

Welcome to the Black Hawk Folk Society! We'd love to see you at one of our events. Monthly concerts are usually held on the second Saturday of the month, starting at 7:00 pm; you are invited to attend a potluck dinner at 6:00 pm preceding many of the concerts. (See the Calendar of Events for details.) Starting in January 2015, adult admission is $8; kids 12 and under free. Concerts are presented at the Mountainview Community Center from August through May and in Mt. Morris Town Park in June and July. We also host monthly acoustic jam sessions (see our Calendar of Events for an update on the new schedule for jams); bring your acoustic instrument (and a friend!) and come jam with us.

The Black Hawk Folk Society mails out a newsletter three times a year; copies are available at all concerts or to photocopy at most area libraries. The Black Hawk Folk Society is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law. For more information, call Betty at (920) 295-0385.

See our Information page to contact any council member.

Help Us Keep the Music Playing!

In the last newsletter (see the article below) we explained our desperate need for more volunteers. Thank you to all those who stepped forward! The need for more volunteers is still a top priority as we have longtime board members retiring in the near future.

As we approach the 2015 annual festival, our anticipated expenses far outweigh projected ticket sales. If you’ve been enjoying the high-quality performances at the monthly concerts and the annual festival and want them to continue, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Black Hawk Folk Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All funds go directly toward operation costs. Contact any council member for more information. Let’s not let the music stop!

Sponsorship Levels:

Banjo Level: $25 (Society Sponsor)
Mandolin Level: $50 (Concert Sponsor)
Fiddle Level: $100 (Festival Sponsor)
Guitar Level: $200 or more (Season Sponsor)

Black Hawk Folk Society Needs Dedicated Volunteers to Continue!

Our board has been going through some major changes, and Black Hawk is going to need some serious help from its members if our concerts are to continue.

Most of the current board members (and their spouses) have served for many years, and several have worn multiple hats. Producing concerts takes a lot of time and work, both “behind the scenes” throughout the year and at our monthly concerts and the festival. The board has been “graying” as well, making some of the physical demands a challenge, and for other members, life changes have made it difficult to find the time. So in 2014 several members have retired from the board (see our Information page), leaving a skeleton crew—and quite frankly we were on the verge of suspending concerts altogether.

A few new people have agreed to help, and some formerly retired members have agreed to return. But we can’t keep recycling the same board members if Black Hawk Folk Society is to survive. We need fresh blood—new (and hopefully younger) people to step in. And we need more than a bare-bones board; in fact, we have needed more people for some time. Committees of one are difficult to maintain, and we have often wished for more people to be available on a regular/rotating basis who are willing to take charge and do what needs to be done.

In addition to our personnel changes, we are making other changes as well. First, as of January 2015 we are raising the adult admission to our monthly concerts to $8—still a bargain! Second, we are moving our council meetings back to a rotation of council members’ homes. Finally, to help us save on costs, we are asking our members to sign up to receive our newsletters via e-mail only (in PDF format). You can send your request to

So, that’s where we stand. If you have enjoyed attending Black Hawk concerts and would like them to continue into 2016 and beyond, please consider joining our board or signing up to be a regular volunteer. Recruit a friend. Plan to attend one of our board meetings (contact any board member for information). We need you!

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