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Fox Cities Online does not maintain a community calendar. There is no single comprehensive calendar of events for the Fox Cities. Listed here are some of the best calendars that we know about, covering a wide range of events in the Fox Cities. None are comprehensive, but these are all well maintained, wide ranging and kept up to date. For a larger list of calendars from a broad range of area organizations, check our main "Calendars of Events" listing. If you think your calendar belongs on this page, please send email to the explaining why.

Fox Cities Convention & Vistiors Bureau logo
Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau - covers community events of interest to visitors and residents alike. The most complete calendar.
Fox Cities Magazine
Fox Cities Magazine Events Calendar - covers arts events, children's events, film showings, discussions and lectures, concerts, exhibits, etc. throughout the fox cities. NEW in 2010.
Performing Arts Center Logo
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center - Events and ticket for the current and upcoming season.
PC Calendar Logo
The Post Crescent Events Calendar - Searchable calendar, with info about music, arts, museums, and more in the Fox Cities and beyond.

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Last Updated: 05-Jul-2016