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NameCity Category
Andy Gronik for GovernorOtherGovernment
Andy Gronik Gov2018OtherGovernment
Dallet for Justice - FacebookOtherGovernment
Harlow on WisconsinOtherGovernment
Judge Michael Screnock - FacebookOtherGovernment
Mike McCabe for GovernorOtherGovernment
Mike McCabe for Governor - FacebookOtherGovernment
Scott Walker Wisconsin's GovernorOtherGovernment
Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court - FacebookOtherGovernment
Tony Evers for GovernorOtherGovernment
Vinehout People FirstOtherGovernment
Mayor Merkes Government Official - FacebookMenashaGovernment
Rebecca Nichols - Menasha District 1 AldermanMenashaGovernment
Stanley P. Sevenich Menasha District 3 AldermanMenashaGovernment
Tyler M. Moore for Harrison Village TrusteeHarrisonGovernment
Re-elect James DuncanGrand ChuteGovernment
Beau Legious for CongressFox Cities WideGovernment
Lautenschlager for LibertyFox Cities WideGovernment
Mike Gallagher for WisconsinFox Cities WideGovernment
Project Vote SmartFox Cities WideCommunity
Ron Tusler for AssemblyFox Cities WideGovernment
WisconsinVote.org Candidates and RacesFox Cities WideGovernment
Amanda Stuck State AssemblyAppletonGovernment
Brad Firkus for County Board - FacebookAppletonGovernment
Cathy Thompson for Outagamie County BoardAppletonGovernment
Dan Grady for Outagamie County SupervisorAppletonGovernment
Go Garth GoAppletonGovernment
Nadine Miller for Outagamie County BoardAppletonGovernment
Nadine Miller for Outagamie County Board - FacebookAppletonGovernment
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