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Amanda Stuck State AssemblyAppletonGovernment
Andy Gronik for GovernorOtherGovernment
Andy Gronik Gov2018OtherGovernment
Beau Legious for CongressFox Cities WideGovernment
Brad Firkus for County Board - FacebookAppletonGovernment
Cathy Thompson for Outagamie County BoardAppletonGovernment
Dallet for Justice - FacebookOtherGovernment
Dan Grady for Outagamie County SupervisorAppletonGovernment
Go Garth GoAppletonGovernment
Harlow on WisconsinOtherGovernment
Judge Michael Screnock - FacebookOtherGovernment
Lautenschlager for LibertyFox Cities WideGovernment
Mayor Merkes Government Official - FacebookMenashaGovernment
Mike Gallagher for WisconsinFox Cities WideGovernment
Mike McCabe for GovernorOtherGovernment
Mike McCabe for Governor - FacebookOtherGovernment
Nadine Miller for Outagamie County BoardAppletonGovernment
Nadine Miller for Outagamie County Board - FacebookAppletonGovernment
Rebecca Nichols - Menasha District 1 AldermanMenashaGovernment
Re-elect James DuncanGrand ChuteGovernment
Ron Tusler for AssemblyFox Cities WideGovernment
Scott Walker Wisconsin's GovernorOtherGovernment
Stanley P. Sevenich Menasha District 3 AldermanMenashaGovernment
Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court - FacebookOtherGovernment
Tony Evers for GovernorOtherGovernment
Tyler M. Moore for Harrison Village TrusteeHarrisonGovernment
Vinehout People FirstOtherGovernment
WisconsinVote.org Candidates and RacesFox Cities WideGovernment
Project Vote SmartFox Cities WideCommunity
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