Trail Details:

Apple Creek Trail

Trail Name Apple Creek Trail
Length 4.5 Miles; 7.2 Km.
Surface Asphalt


Lot at Ballard Road and Evergreen Drive.
Uses B,D,K,R,S,W,X
Location Northern Appleton. Developed by the Appleton Parks & Recreation Department, goes 3.9 miles from the west end of the AAL property, past the Youth Sports Complex and almost to Holland Road. Including the Highview Park segment, the trail is 4.5 miles long.
Attrractions/Features The trail runs alongside a creek, through fields and past two large ponds -- a good trail for birdwatching.  The entire trail is now complete and paved.
Key to Use Codes: A=All terrain vehicles; B=Biking; D=Dogs on leashes; H=Horses; K=Skating; M=Snowmobiles; R=Running; S=Snowshoeing; W=Walking; X=Cross country skiing.

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last updated 24-Feb-2003