Fox Cities Trails

Click on a segment of trail to go to an expanded map and/or description. Many segments do not yet have associated maps or descriptions completed. We will be adding more as they become available. Some trails are outside of this map's borders, and designated in approximately the correct direction. Click on the margin of the map near the name of the trail for a link to further information.

Outagamie County Wiouwash
Trail (West about 8 miles)






Winnebago County Trails
(West about 8 miles)

Outagamie County CE Trail Wiouwash State Trail Winnebago County Trail, North Section Winnebago County Trail, South Section Neenah Access Trails Newberry and North Island Trails Apple Creek Trail CB Trail Hwy 10 Trail Shady Lane Trail Hwy 150 Trail Sherwood Trail system Konkapot Creek Trail

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