Trail Details

Wiouwash Trail

Trail Name Wiouwash Trail
Length 28 miles
Surface gravel


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Uses B,D,H,K,R,S,W,X
Location Six miles from Hortonville on the north to the Winnebago County line with the southern end of the trail ending near the junction of Highways 41 and 45. For more information: and

Multipurpose trail, 5.9 mile gravel trail that connects to 21.8 additional miles in Winnebago County. The development of the trail is a cooperative effort between the Counties of Outagamie and Winnebago in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources

Key to Use Codes: A=All terrain vehicles; B=Biking; D=Dogs on leashes; H=Horses; K=Skating; M=Snowmobiles; R=Running; S=Snowshoeing; W=Walking; X=Cross country skiing.

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