Trail Details

North Island Trail

Trail Name North Island Trail
Length 0.4 miles; 0.6 Km.
Surface Asphalt


Street parking, Jones Park
Uses B,D,K,R,S,W,X
Location South side of the north channel of the Fox River, from Lawe St. to Olde Oneida St.

Lovely short riverside walk through old industrial flats. Cormorants are frequently spotted in fall, families of other water birds in the spring. Can be part of a good noontime walk from workplaces in the Appleton downtown area. Located between the Olde Oneida Street and Lawe St. in "the flats" near downtown Appleton, the tail lines the edge of the north branch of the Fox River. The trail is beautifully landscaped with maturee trees and offers panoramic views of Lawrence University, the Lincoln Mills Apratments, and FoxRiver Paper Company Dam. Attractions along the trail include Jones Park and a replica of the Edison Electrical Plant. The Newberry trail is two blocks to the south on Lawe St. and is easily accessible by foot or bike.

Key to Use Codes: A=All terrain vehicles; B=Biking; D=Dogs on leashes; H=Horses; K=Skating; M=Snowmobiles; R=Running; S=Snowshoeing; W=Walking; X=Cross country skiing.

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