Hearthstone is closed for regular tours beginning Monday, January 15, 2018.
We will reopen on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

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Hands-On Hydro Adventure Center

Learn about electricity while trying these fun hands-on activities. Adults and children alike will be captivated by their ability to generate electricity from a water wheel.

Try using one of Edison’s light switches, or try to generate enough electricity to make our electric trolley model work. The Hearthstone Hydro Adventure center is a great place for discovery for kids of any age!

Gift Shop

Are you looking for something special and different? Then stop by the Hearthstone Historic House Museum gift shop for a gift for that special someone, especially if that someone is you!

Hearthstone T-Shirts

Hearthstone mugs

Engraved wood ornaments


Victorian themed books

And for the kids we have paper dolls

So if you are looking for a memento of your tour like a postcard or Hearthstone coffee mug or if you just need that special something for a friend, co-worker, hostess, spouse or yourself then step back in time and find everything you need at the Hearthstone Historic House museum gift shop.



Have fun in the Hydro-Adventure center in the basement of the museum, ride a high-wheel bike, generate electricity for Appleton and watch a video that tells how people in 1882 reacted to this amazing home.

Dont't forget to stop in the gift shop and pick up a souvenir of your visit to the first home in the world lit by a hydroelectic central station!

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