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Welcome to The Lavender Salon Reader Online!

Newletter status:
I'm saddened to report that The Lavender SalonReader newsletter is no longer being published. The last issue released was volume 6, issue number 4 (December 1998/January 1999). I just ran out of steam. Creating and producing The Lavender Salon Reader was one of the best experiences I've yet to have. I met some really great people creating the newsletter.

A lot of people helped me publish the LSR. I had a lot of early support from our local book club, The Lavender Salon. They provided both the early financial and emotional support. Shortly after I began to develop volume 1 of The Lavender Salon Reader, I recieved a lot of support from fellow librarians who also participated in reading groups. I'd really have been up a creek if not for the assistance of Brenda Timm who worked for 5 years as my copy editor for no pay, just some shared meals. During the 4 years of publication, over 36 people wrote reviews specifically for the LSR (their names are listed below), and then there were all the club reporters. The reporters were the backbone of the newsletter. It was because of their support and enthusiam that the Lavender Salon Reader even existed.

Unfortunately, clubs come and go, and over the years I've lost contact with many of the original club correspondents. But the online directory of GLBT reading and film discussion clubs is still being maintained. As new groups are formed and I become aware of them, I'll add them to this site.

Even though the printed copy ceased publicatioin, the website continued to prove vital. I still get requests from people looking for a reading club in their communities. I still get requests for sample copies of the newsletter (I still have copies of many issues if you're interested.) The back issues of the Lavender Salon Reader will be posted as Adobe pdf files here on this site. The directory of gay and lesbian reading groups will continue to be updated. In a way, the Lavender Salon Reader continues to exist, just in a different venue.

Websites are very flexible. The new Lavender Salon Reader Online website is your place for GLBT book & film discussion groups. Tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll try to make it real (or virtually real!).

Book Reviewers: Tom Allen, Lee Arnold, Dan Berns, Wendy Betts, Barb & Terri, Henry Collier, Jill Corbitt, Peter Cherone, Bonita Corliss, Marge Colucciello, Donna Erickson, Michael Frye, Linda Haering, Erick Jackson, Naomi King, Rob Lesher, Tony Leuzzi, Michael Lutes, G. Douglas Meyers, Ernest McLeod, Akilah Monifa, Patrick Ness, Gary Nygaard, Scott Nyugen, Cary Renfro, Joan M. Saniuk, Patti C. Schwartz, Carl Szatmary, Michael Sweet, Kim Straus, Martha Stone, Glenn Tiedt, Len Tews, Patricia Nell Warren, Dick Winslow, Jim O. Yeaman.

Michael Nitz
Last updated: October 15, 2006

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