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Link Guidelines & Social Media Policy

Rationale: Because one of Fox Cities Online's primary functions is to link to other websites, this policy is established to provide guidelines for which links will be included.

This policy was adopted by the Fox Cities Online Board of Directors on 3/25/2010. (Although FOCOL no longer has a Board of Directors, we continue to follow this policy for link additions to the database.)

Social Media Policy

FOCOL utilizes social media tools to further our mission to promote community through access to information by providing a comprehensive directory of Fox Cities websites, and hosting websites for local organizations.  With Library approval, FOCOL will establish an account and use any social media tool that provides a useful avenue for this purpose. 

Postings or comments that relate to events or organizations in the Fox Cities Online area, and those that reflect the mission and vision of Fox Cities Online will be allowed.  Postings  or comments of the following sorts may be removed if reported and confirmed:

The Fox Cities Online page will “like” the Facebook pages of any organizational members of Fox Cities Online that have one.  Because a comprehensive list is maintained on the site, no attempt will be made to “like” Facebook pages of all Fox Cities area organizations from the Fox Cities Online Facebook page.

Any willing Library staff members and the FOCOL Executive Director will be the page administrators for the Fox Cities Online Facebook page.  All administrators may post entries to the Facebook page as Fox Cities Online.  Administrators may also post entries or make comments on the Facebook page as themselves. 

Types of postings include, but are not limited to:  member site of the week; tips and hints for using FOCOL; announcements of new services; announcements of important FOCOL events, e.g. the annual meeting; announcements about problems with the main website or email service. 

The Facebook page is set up so that people other than the page admins can post on the wall and can also upload photos.  The page admins can delete any posts or photos.

The Executive Director of FOCOL will also maintain the Fox Cities Online Twitter account, called @FOCOLnotes.  Many of the Facebook postings will be revised and shortened to be tweeted there.   Designated other Library staff may also tweet “as” FOCOLnotes.

-- Adopted by the FOCOL Board of Directors 3/22/12, revised 1/30/2013. (Although FOCOL no longer has a Board of Directors, we continue to follow this policy for Social Media use, under the guidance of the Appleton Public Library.)


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