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How to Contact Your Legislators

Letter, phone call, or email message?

Timing is everything. You want to register your input by the time of the vote on your issue. If there is time to reach your legislator by mail, send a letter. A personal letter (handwritten if you can) shows your legislator that you took time to write about something of genuine concern. This tends to have a greater impact than signing your name to a petition or replying to a mass email campaign.

If a vote is imminent, you need to either telephone your legislator’s office or send an email. There is a place on the websites cited below for contacting your legislator.

Be brief. State your name and address and tell your legislator that you are calling to urge a vote for/against a specific bill. Tell the name of the bill or the number (SB=Senate Bill) (HR=House of Representative bill) (Optional--You may briefly say why you want this vote). The person answering the phone will write down your comments and thank you for your call. That’s all there is to it.

Wisconsin State Legislature

IF YOU NEED HELP IN FINDING OUT WHICH DISTRICT YOU ARE IN AND WHO YOUR LEGISLATOR IS, GO TO : (This has a lot of information about the State Senate & Assembly).
Click on "Who are my legislators?" and type in your zip code.

All state senators: mail to PO Box 7882. Madison 53707-7882

State assembly representatives with
names A-L send to PO Box 8952, Madison 53708-8952;
names M-Z send to PO Box 8953, Madison 53708-8953.


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