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Statistical Information about GLBT people

Adoption and Foster Care by Lesbian and Gay Parents in the United States
A “state of the union” report sponsored by The Urban Institute

Gay and Lesbian Consumer Census - Gay Market Research
You’ll find loads of information about the gay community and it’s impact on the consumer marketplace.

Statistics about gays & lesbians from census polls. Countries covered include Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, and United States.

Human Rights Campaign
This section of HRC's website displays state-by-state statistics on changes in the number of gay households and between rural & urban gay households.

Hispanic & Latino Same-Sex Couples in the United States: Report from the 2000 US Census
A report from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.

IGLA’s LGBTI Rights World Map
This map shows the state of the rights concerning sex between consenting same sex’d adults.  The map was create by Tetu Magazine and the IGLA (International Gay & Lesbian Assn.)

Our Families Count
Our Families Count’s mission is to educate and motivate all  LGBT Americans and households to be visible in 2010, and to take part in the 2010 U.S. Census.

Out & Aging
A study performed by MetLife of gay & lesbian baby boomers.

Real World Lesbians & Gays
A marketing study created by New American Dimensions and Asterix Group of the GLBT community created to help marketers invest their budgets wisely.

Think of Gays & Lesbians as Gender Neutral?  Think again!
OpusComm’s annual survey of the gay & lesbian community and what makes us tick.

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