Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

in Northeastern Wisconsin USA



We meet on Sundays at 11:00 a.m.  for silent worship, followed by 10-15 minutes of worship-sharing and then a potluck lunch. Usually we meet in the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Ecumenical Center!  Click here for a map and directions for  UW-Green Bay. For more information, call  920-882-8681 (Appleton) or  (920) 468-4464 (Green Bay) .

Meeting for worship is a gathering together of individuals to form a spiritual community.  The nature of the spiritual community transcends the state of each individual.  It unifies us into an entity wherein we can worship  together, sharing the communion of the Spirit.  Though Quakerism is a tradition with Christian roots , we welcome seekers from all traditions and also those without a tradition, and non theists.

Meeting for worship begins when we take our seats.  There is no programmed service.  There is only a silent waiting.  That silence will allow you to quiet your mind and prepare to open yourself so that the divine, in whatever way you perceive it, might work in your heart.  If you are moved to speak, speak from the conviction that you have been given these words and that they are not your own.  When someone has spoken, let time pass before another person speaks.  The silence will allow us time to reflect on what has been said.

We believe that each person is directly responsible for his or her own relationship to God.  Because each person's relationship with God is different and is always in a state of growth, we have no set creed.  You will find a wide range of beliefs here, as well as people from many religious backgrounds.  We are united by our desire to live  good lives  led by God.  And, whatever our individual beliefs, we are expected to live those beliefs every day.  There should be no separation between what we do at Meeting and what we do in our lives outside Meeting.

We also believe that we have no need for an intermediary between ourselves and the divine.  Therefore, we have no pastor.  This means that we are each responsible for the business of Meeting, and for caring for our members.

Meeting for Worship lasts approximately one hour.  Children join us for the first 20 minutes and then go to First Day School.  Meeting closes when the clerk rises and we all join hands.  The children join us and we hear what they have been learning in First Day School, and we share our thoughts, briefly, about our worship time. Then we enjoy a potluck lunch together.

Meeting for Worship is the second Sunday of the month, after lunch. All business is conducted by a special kind of consensus: no action takes place until all present , discerning the will of the Spirit, come to unity.

We have an extensive library of Quaker materials available to be checked out for one month.  The materials are located in a special bookcase at the Ecumenical Center, and are catalogued.

Fox Valley Friends schedules an annual retreat . More information will be provided later. All are welcome at this retreat.

Fox Valley Friends are affiliated with Northern Yearly Meeting (NYM), an assemblage of Friends from North Dakota to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. NYM provides opportunities for retreats, spiritual nurture and carries on business.  NYM is affiliated with Friends General Conference, a continent wide Friends organization. Fox Valley Friends support Friends Committee on National Legislation, American Friends Service Committee, Right Sharing of World Resources and others.