Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

in Northeastern Wisconsin USA



May: In what way does my Quaker community reach out to those seeking a
spiritual home?

June: How does our meeting support and encourage individuals to remove
barriers to relationships with the Divine?

July: How do we prepare to come to meeting with hearts and minds open for worship?

August: In what ways does meeting provide opportunities for attenders to deepen
their knowledge of the religious beliefs of others in the meeting?

September: How does our meeting encourage people to develop their potential as the
Spirit leads them?

October: Are meeting members attentive to the needs of others during worship?

November: In what ways can our unspoken assumptions cause hurt and pain to others?

December: When differences arise between us, how do we address them in the spirit
of love?

January 2008: How do we open ourselves to a Friend who speaks from a place of
integrity, even when that Friend challenges the meeting in a way that makes
us uneasy?

February 2008: Are we aware of the personal challenges in the lives of meeting attenders?

March 2008: What brings us to meeting for worship?

April 2008: How do we keep our meetings for worship centered with expectant waiting
on the Divine?